THE COMMUNITY is at forefront of asset transfer says Scott Telford.

After a community asset transfer was put forward by Dundonald Gymnastics Club and Scott Telford, many residents of Troon have shown concern about the various affects it will have on the community.

The Ayr Advertisers reporter Josh Kane caught up with Mr.Telford to discuss the community aspect of what would happen if the asset transfer was accepted by the council and what he aims to do for the local community.

Scott explained: “At the moment, the centre isn’t getting used very much. I know it is a thriving part of the community, but you need to look at the numbers and they are poor just now and that’s why they are losing money.

“We want to move the centre forward and just now it is closed half the time as it costs too much money to run.

“My ambition is to open much wider access points to the community and by doing that we need to employ a lot more people than what we have just now. My current set up runs with about 13 coaches and I will have to expand that and get people full time jobs if successful.

“In addition with fitness professionals who are looking for full time work, we want to make it a much more vibrant, economically viable and sustainable project for the whole community.”

Continuing with the drive to make things better for the community, Scott explained the specific groups he helps to target.

He said: “One of the main things we want to do is go to education and speak about kids who maybe aren’t engaging with curriculum and the schools find alternative things they can do to engage them, we also are keen to work with disability sports during the day.

“We are looking to encourage as many people as possible from the local community to get involved in the various things we plan on introducing.

“We have reinvested everything we have done so far, and we would continue to do that here in Muirhead.

“I understand the concerns people have but if they sit down with me and speak to us and let us explain what we can do, I think we can do something really good for the community here.

“I’m a Muirhead resident, I don’t want that place to shut, it’s a great facility.”