A PRESTWICK dessert parlour has been accused of leaving an entire island without medical cover.

The unusual objection was made against a planning application for Flakes, St Quivox Road.

The neighbour stated that the customers of the business had blocked access, with potentially serious consequences.

She added: “Not only has the refuse lorry been unable to access the street to empty our bin, but I have been blocked from exiting the street.”

This, she said, had left the population of Cumbrae at risk.

“I have, on several occasions, been blocked trying to get to my work. This is a concern as I am the only medical practitioner on the small island of Cumbrae overnight and if I am late for the ferry a whole island is left without medi cal cover overnight.”

She added that the blocked access was not just an inconvenience, but also hampered emergency services.

“Thankfully, there hasn’t been an incident where this has happened but I believe we should highlight this before there is such an incident."

She also claimed that customers caused disturbances, adding: “If Flakes were to operate late at night I would be concerned for my safety coming home at night.

Another neighbour complained that the parking situation had meant her and her mother having to ‘climb over our front wall with shopping’ when their gate was blocked.

She added: “Late night adult customers have used my driveway and bin areas for toilet purposes and sickness.”

She added that she had to ‘disinfect’ her property and said there was a ‘very real reduction in quality of life for residents affected'.

Other neighbours restated the issues about parking, littering and access. One even implicated the council in his criticism.

“I am disappointed to say the least that all of the concerns of residents (and the many previous objections) have been largely ignored to date and we have been passed from pillar to post by the council.”

However, the business has made its case for approval.

In a statement of behalf of Flakes, Alan Neish, said: “The applicant introduced a few tables and chairs for consumption of the food on the premises which has become very popular. This is the only facility of its kind in Ayrshire with the nearest similar products being offered in Glasgow."

He argued that the opening hours of 1pm to 11pm, with no new customers after 10pm, would The preferred hours of opening are 1pm to 11pm with the premises not accepting new customers after 10 pm.

The statement acknowledges the potential for additional numbers, but adds: “However, the additional people will actually be eating within the building instead of consuming food outside.it could be contended that this is an improvement in terms of residential amenity. In any case, bringing more people into the town centre is fundamental to the role of the town centre.

“In all of this, and in my professional opinion, it is contended that the impact on residential amenity caused by an additional 10 seats is not significant enough to direct that the application should be refused in such a town centre location."