FUNDING has been secured to keep the Barr-Girvan bus service on the road for a further 12 months.

There had been some uncertainty as to whether or not the CB8 would continue running but last week the good news was confirmed.

Catriona Haston, Community Transport Coordinator, said: “This is really good news for the residents of Barr who have been using the bus in considerably increasing numbers over the past year and many of whom have come to rely on the service.

“The majority of the passengers we carry are elderly and/or disabled and have to access to private transport so it has become a lifeline service for them, allowing them to get to shops, health appointments, therapy groups and social activities. 

“South Ayrshire Community Transport (SACT) is looking forward to continuing to deliver the service, which as well as servicing the village of Barr, also provides part time employment for two bus drivers. 

“SACT is also looking forward to working with partners in order to secure the future of the service into the future.

“Many thanks to South Ayrshire Council, SPT, Carrick Futures and Falck Assel Valley for coming up trumps. Sincere thanks also to Foundation Scotland for their efforts on our behalf.”

SACT is a member of the West of Scotland Community Transport Network which means they have signed up to a quality assurance framework covering all aspects of vehicle and customer care.

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