SUPPORTERS of Belleisle Conservatory were joined by Beechgrove Garden's Jim McCall at a charity dinner and fundraising event.

The group gathered at the Western House Hotel on Friday, March 23 to enjoy canapes, a three course meal, a fundraising auction and raffle. 

They were raising money to cover the annual costs of running the conservatory which is £40,000.

Jim McCall, the Patron of Belleisle Conservatory joined President Gordon Wilson at the President's table. 

The Belleisle Conservatory group are also taking part in the blue Tesco tokens programme were customers are given coupons to vote for the charity who they feel needs the support.

They also want to hire someone part time who can look after the plants during the day. 

Lesley Glendinning has taken on this position and volunteered at the conservatory since it opened.