AN AYRSHIRE man who served in the British Army as well as Afghanistan has helped more than 500 people understand their mental health issues.

Kevin Mullin spent 18 years in the British Army and six years in Afghanistan as a private military contractor before he gave it up to come home in June to become a full time father.

On his return he set up Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Ayr and has seen over 500 clients deal with severe anxiety, relationship break up and heart break and weight control since June.

Speaking about his journey, Kevin said: “In June I gave it all up to come home to be a full time father to my children. 

“I created a company called Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching. 

“One of the most remarkable things we have achieved is we have been contracted to deliver motivational and inspirational speaking to several companies in New York.

“I have just returned from New York having delivered motivation and management seminars to New York largest social housing charity SCO.ORG.

“We have taken conventional therapy and totally turned it inside out aiming for a very short turn round for the issues we deal with instead of the normal 8-12 week wellness and balance therapy most therapist try and offer. 

“All this has been done with just myself with no investment or backing.

“We are just trying to make a difference and show everyone no matter how hard or down you think life is, it really can be turned around and we don’t ever give up until that becomes a reality.”

Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy & Coaching offer advice to those struggling with depression, tension, fears and phobias, past trauma, eating disorders, insomnia, weight control and anxiety as well as other services.

Hypnotherapy and coaching, a hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are practices dedicated to ensuring the very best in hypnosis. 

Kevin believes he is an expert in Hypnosis and NLP and is one of the most forward thinking hypnotherapists in the UK. 

Serenity NLP believe life coaching in general is about words and then putting them into actions. 

They use the hypnosis element of the practice to enforce and re enforce any changes or direction that the client wants to go in. 

Making it easier to make the changes a reality allowing those who take part to pick their dreams and goals and really go at them with a realistic chance of making them a reality and not just words. 

Serenity NLP can be found on 7 Wellington Square, Ayr and are open from 9am until 9.30pm. 

For more information contact 07788 119374  or email