DETAILS have emerged that nuclear material is being transported by train through South Ayrshire towns, causing concern for public health and safety.

The material is believed to be transferred though Ayr, Prestwick and Barassie three times a week from Hunterston and Dounreay to Sellafield in Cumbria.

Ayrshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) believe this is against the Scottish Government policy and have researched the dangers of nuclear material transported by train.

There are fears that trains can leak radiation and are not allowed to stop in a rail siding to prevent an accident.

Veronika Tudhope, of Ayrshire CND, explained: "The fact that the trains are travelling through our towns is against Scottish Government policy.

"This is on the Scottish Government website. The waste can be produced but cannot be transported to other sites to cool down. Material is being sent to Sellafield to do just that."

A policy statement from the Scottish Government outlines their position.

It reads: "The Scottish Government Policy is that the long-term management of higher activity radioactive waste should be in near-surface facilities.

"Facilities should be located as near to the site where the waste is produced as possible.

"Developers will need to demonstrate how the facilities will be monitored and how waste packages, or waste, could be retrieved.

"All long-term waste management options will be subject to robust regulatory requirements.

Arthur West, Secretary of Ayrshire CND, wrote in a letter: "We have recently photographed nuclear trains passing through West Kilbride, Irvine and other stations in Ayrshire.

"These trains are not allowed to stop in sidings for long periods of in case they leak radiation. Ayrshire CND is planning to meet with the local transport authority to raise safety concerns for the residents of the towns these trains pass through."

Ayrshire CND are looking for support in their campaign and to raise awareness of these forms of nuclear transport.

They are an active group in the West of Scotland working towards a peaceful, nuclear-free world, for more than ten years.

Ayrshire CND have spotted lorries carrying nuclear weapons on the M74.

Veronika continued: "Lorries with nuclear weapons drive along the outskirts of Ayrshire via the M74. Submarines going to Faslane pass between Arran and the Ayrshire coast. 

We are very close but what can we do? We have got plenty to worry about."