A THUG has been caged for eight years after he pleaded guilty to seven charges of domestic violence against three of his former partners.

John Cameron, 26, from Ayr, finally admitted abducting and locking up his three victims on separate occasions between 2010 and 2013, after they gave evidence at a trial at Ayr Sheriff Court.

Cameron pleaded guilty during the trial at the end of June. 
In May 2010 at Tams Brig, Ayr he seized his then partner, Kenny Mackay by the throat and punched him on the head. 

From May 2010 and December 2012 at a property on River Street, Ayr and Whitehall Road, Maybole Cameron abducted Mr Mackay, locked the door of the house, refused to allow him to leave and held him there against his will.

Cameron threatened the man with violence, repeatedly punched him on his head and body, poked his fingers into his eyes, seized him by his throat, held him down on a bed and kicked him on the body. 

When Mr Mackay ended their relationship Cameron behaved in a threatening manner when he shouted and swore at his ex through text message and over the phone. 

Cameron treated his next partner, Leanda Hanley in the same way. On various occasions between January 2013 to April 2013 at a property on Phillip Square, Ayr, he abducted her, locked the door, refused to allow her to leave and detained her against her will.

He punched Ms Hanley’s body, kicked her, seized her by the throat, pushed and held her against the walls.

Cameron shouted and swore at her, grabbed and broke her mobile phone, threatened her with violence and uttered abusive remarks.

Between April, 1, 2013 and May, 31, 2013 Cameron locked his third partner - Gail Stephens, in a property in Kilmarnock and refused to allow her to leave, holding her there against her will. 

He grabbed Ms Stephens by her clothes, punched her on the head and body, seized her by the throat, compressing it and restricting her breathing. 

Cameron pushed her against a wall where her head struck and broke a mirror, injuring her and putting her life in danger.

On several occasions he took her medication for asthma from her and threatened her family with violence.

Cameron appeared from custody before Sheriff John Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor Ms Mackay said: “Mr Cameron pleaded guilty during the trial.

“He is a man who is not without his own troubles. He had experienced domestic abuse from a young age and became a drifter throughout various parts of Ayrshire.

“He suffered from PTSD and pleaded guilty when there were still four other civilian witnesses still to come.”

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Montgomery said: “You have admitted to all of these charges but only after three people had to suffer by recounting the ways you hurt them individually.

“You assaulted Mr Mackay on the day of your civil partnership. There can be no doubt about it that your actions against this individual were extreme.

“I have taken into account that you did change your pleas from not guilty to guilty during the course of the trial. 

“The only option is a custodial sentence and an extended sentence. I am concerned about public safety when you are released.”

Cameron will spend five years in prison and will be on licence for three years when he is released.