WINDFARM workers in the Barrhill area are being blamed for causing disruption with poor driving standards resulting in overturned vehicles.

The issue has been prominent for some time and was discussed at a recent public meeting. It has become clear to villagers that it is not just the workers that are a problem but other drivers passing by.

Chairman Dave Russell, of the Barrhill Community Council was minuted putting forward concerns over poor driving standards particularly, but not exclusively, by windfarm workers.

He claimed to witnesses recent occurrences of overturned vehicles belonging to the latter. 

Girvan and South Carrick Community policing team member Kevin McKeown informed members of the council that these events had not been communicated to the Police. 

Treasurer Alister Scott reported a vehicle demolishing his fence, whose identity was now known and enquired what action could be taken. 

It was confirmed that this too should be reported to police, as property had been damaged. A member of the public reported watching a lorry demolishing sections of the stone dyke on the Station Road while attempting to turn, with apparent total disregard. This was in connection with the recent cabling works.

 Community Councillor Johnnie Thomson was of the opinion that there were now fewer incidents of bad driving to and from the windfarm as work had entered a different phase. 

It had been hoped that in January traffic control members could have been deployed in Barrhill, which has been submitted as a request to the local police.

But it had not been feasible to implement an action plan at that time due as crime prevention had been deemed a higher priority due to a spate of dishonesties in Girvan.

Staff had to be directed elsewhere due to increased demands in relation to potential disorder due to the festive period.

Local officers had been advised to concentrate on the national drink driving campaign with an extra 600 breath tests carried out over the Christmas and New Year period. 

As a result there had not been any dedicated patrols in Barrhill since November. It is hoped once regular patrols are up and running the issue can be resolved.

It had not been made clear which of the three main windfarms and their employees in the area had been accused of causing disruption and chaos as we went to press.

This meant they were unavailable for comment.