THE TOTAL cost to renovate Barrhill War Memorial could be more than £20,000.

Barrhill Community Council are dedicated to the project to have the work completed but have to find an 'accredited professional' to oversee the project.

It is hoped when they are in place an application for grant funding can be submitted to the War Memorial Trust in March.

But the community council still expect to fund £10,000 of the renovation themselves.

Andrew Clegg, Barrhill Community Councillor who took on the task said: "The current state of play is that because the total cost is over £20,000 we now have to have an accredited professional appointed to oversee the project - adding to the expense yet again and also providing the problem of finding someone willing to take on the task. 

"We had no end of trouble finding an accredited company willing to tender to do the restoration work to start with - of the 6 approached only one was willing to tender so no chance of getting the three quotes the War Memorial Trust requested. 

"Once the accredited professional provides a costing for his services the grant application can the go to the WMT. 

"Hopefully we can get this in during March so the WMT can make a decision at the start of April. 

"Even with a favourable decision Barhill CC will still have to find around £10,000 to cover the total costs. 

"It would have been cheaper to get a local building company to do the work on the approach steps and memorial surround but in this scenario there would be no grant available from the WMT, they are very specific about who can do the work."

It is hoped the ongoing situation can be resolved soon to allow the programme to begin.