BARRHILL community council are still waiting to hear for a quote to repair the war memorial.

There have been ongoing discussions on the issue and various companies contacted to investigate how much repairs would cost.

Celia Strain, secretary of the council, said: "We contacted the War Memorial Trust for an estimate but they wanted more details. 

"We believe an estimate has now been forwarded to them but it has not been confirmed. We also contacted other firms but there were problems.

"We hope we will have a solution by next Wednesday."

By November last year four companies had been contacted for a quote. One visited the memorial, the second said it would send an estimated figure, the third did not respond to emails and the fourth went into liquidation.

Local information can be found in relation to the war memorial. 
It is of a Celtic cross design and has been constructed from light grey granite and has been built on a prominent rock outcrop adjacent to the main road. 

It was constructed as a result of fund raising by three survivors of World War 1 - Andrew Scott, Joseph Blackstock and William McQuarter. 
Major Gray, whose son was killed in the great war was a major organiser and contributor.

But it's condition has been regarded as fair or poor which is why the community group are determined to revive it.
An announcement on the cost is expected to be revealed on Wednesday, February 22.