AN Ayr woman has launched a campaign to rescue a stray dog in Seychelles and bring the furry friend home.

Eleanor McLaughlin was visiting the islands, where her mother was born, with her family. 

However, she did not count on rescuing a dog and bringing it home to here in Ayrshire.

Eleanor explained: “One day, while visiting Anse Takamaka, one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the world, we were equally stunned by the appearance of a poor, emaciated dog in front of us. 

"We gave her some food and water but, in the days that followed, she played on our minds and we couldn’t bear to think of her struggling to find food and fresh water.

“Later in the holiday, we were able to visit the island of Moyenne which had been sold in 1962 by my mum’s cousin, Philippe Georges, to the retired newspaperman, Brendan Grimshaw.

“There is a ruined house on Moyenne known as the “House of Dogs” which was built by an earlier owner of the island, a British woman, Emma Wardlow Best, who loved animals and collected stray dogs from the neighbouring island of Mahe, giving them a good home until her death in 1919. 

"Miss Best left the island to two friends with the strict instruction that nothing “not even a rat” was to be killed there.”

As dog lovers, Eleanor and her children, Alice, 16, and Evan, 11, decided to rescue the stray dog they had encountered and bring her home to Ayr

She said: “My son named the dog “Liberty” because he feels we are setting her free from a sad life.” 

Liberty is currently being cared for at the Paradise Pet Hotel in Seychelles until her health has improved and all necessary vaccinations have been completed. The family hope she will arrive home some time in January.

A Facebook page has been launched, “Save Liberty”, which provides details on how to donate and other fundraising initiatives. 

The McLaughlin family also intend to make donations to dog charities both here in the UK and in Seychelles.

Eleanor concluded:  I know we are only trying to save one dog but we are also trying to highlight the poor animal welfare situation.”