THE much maligned Holmston Road cycle lane will be RIPPED UP following a majority vote by South Ayrshire Councillors.

The vote took place at County Hall following a lengthy debate which saw the councillors vote 19-11 in favour of the lane to be ripped up.

In front of a packed room full of Holmston, Forehill and Masonhill residents and also local MP Corri Wilson, Councillor Allan Dorans, SNP Group Leader said: "This motion to remove the cycle lane is not an indication of the council's position nor a political SNP movement.

"It is more in the interest of Forehill, Masonhill and Holmston's Community Council.

"The authority for the Ayrshire Road's Alliance was there, however there was no consideration with the wider community. This is appalling and inexcusable."

Councillor John McDowell proposed an amendment of which allowed councillors to vote on keeping the cycle lane for a period of six months during which time its use is monitored, at a minimum monthly basis and any consequential adverse impact on traffic management and safety considerations are considered. The amendment was seconded.

The councillor said: "If you support the decision to rip up the cycle lane it would be an act of environmental vandalism."

Councillors then began to debate in front of a rowdy audience full of angry residents. Troon Conservative councillor Peter Convery expressed his distain at the decision to construct the cycle lane. He said: "I am a passionate person. We have cycle tracks in Troon and Barassie. The problem I have here is the total and utter lack of sense by the Ayrshire Roads Alliance.

"I can't agree with the amendment, it is not safe. If I was the head of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance I would be considering my position."

Ayr West councillor Bill Grant said at the meeting: "This has been a remote desire from Edinburgh and the Scottish Government.

"Alluding to Robert Burns. Which is fitting - Ne'er forget the people."

It was announced at the meeting emergency services had no concerns with the cycle lane on Holmston Road nor did the Ayr Burners' Club. Councillor Alan Dorans summed up: "Had consultation taken place this cycle lane would not have happened.

"It should be ripped up and ripped up now! Should we wait another six months this will only antagonise the wider community even more."

South Ayrshire Councillors then voted on the decision with a majority vote of 19-11 in favour of the cycle lane being ripped up.

The costs are up in the air. It was noted it will cost South Ayrshire Council £30,000 to rip up the cycle lane from unmarked reserves and they will also have to pay £65,000 back to the Scottish Government for the grant they received to put down the lane.

Councillor Allan Dorans spoke at a previous public meeting that he wanted to ask Ayrshire Roads Alliance to move the cycle lane to the other side of the River Ayr along side the University of the West of Scotland campus.