TARBOLTON woman Jacki Graham, who set up her mobile own dog grooming business, got to meet the Prince of Charles at Dumfries House recently.

Jacki has been working with animals for a decade and through various connections she was invited to meet the Duke of Rothesay in June when he attended the house in June.

She had been awarded a £250 grant and a £5000 loan from the Prince's Trust Explorer Enterprise which helped her establish 'Dog Grooming with Jacki'.

Speaking about her new venture, Jacki said: "I started dog grooming 10 years ago and worked in a kennels in Ochiltree. I had my wee girl then went back to the kennels before having my wee boy but it was hard to juggle work and a family.

"It was someone in Tarbolton that pointed me in the direction of the Prince's Trust. I came to the Prince's Trust about a year ago and thanks to them I have been up and running for six months.

"I was invited to the dog show because I am a local dog groomer. When I was there, Prince Charles and Camilla came round and I got my picture taken with them. 

"He said to me 'I know who I'll come to to get dog groomed. I was quite humbled. They were also interested in me because of my successful experience with the Prince's Trust."

Jacki has always loved animals but particularly dogs. Before she started working in the kennels she used to walk other people's pooches. She lived in Cumnock before moving to Tarbolton.

Working in the van allows her to travel to her clients who are based in Ayr, Tarbolton, Cumnock and New Cumnock. 

She explained how it worked: "I take them into the van, wash, dry and clip them. I think it will be good for older people who have pets but cannot drive."