FORMER Ayrshire Editor Douglas Skelton’s is releasing his latest crime novel which employs plenty of dark humour into the brutality of his world of crime. 

The Dead Don’t Boogie – a hard-hitting and witty crime thriller with more pop culture references than a Simon Pegg movie – is out on September 10.

Featuring Dominic Queste, a seen-it-all investigator with a nose for a story and Class As, The Dead Don’t Boogie explores a brutal world of gangsters, merciless hitmen, dark family secrets and an insatiable lust for power in the highest echelons of politics.

It should be a simple job for Queste: track down a missing teenage girl. But it soon becomes clear that he is not the only one on her trail. Other darker forces are on the hunt and will stop at nothing to catch their prey. He launched The Dead Don’t Boogie at Waterstones, Ayr on September 1