TROON'S new Costa has been criticised by customers as the coffee shop does not appear to have any disabled access. 

The store which opened this Easter and sits on Unit 6, Centre Academy, Academy Street in the town has a front and a rear door but both open towards the street which means that a wheelchair would block the door from opening.

A disabled man, about 35-years-old, discovered the problem when he went to meet his friend Troon Costa recently. In protest they left the coffee shop and went somewhere else.

An young woman, who uses a zimmer frame as a result of a stroke, also had issues entering the building as the frame barred her entrance.

Speaking about the problem, cllr Nan McFarlane, said: "This is absolutely outrageous. It is discrimination as it sounds like Costa do not expect to appeal to people in a wheelchair or with a zimmer frame.

"What they have done is taken a narrow pavement and widened it but there are still six drop kerbs which are 25 years old and out dated and would not have initially been intended for wheelchairs.

"There are three disabled parking bays but there is not enough room for a wheelchair to turn which makes it a restricted area. 

"There are two doors to this Costa but neither of them are censored and disabled people cannot open the door because the wheelchair is in the road. 

"The matter was approved by building standards and developed by the council who say they have no control as this is a planning issue.

"I want to know if Costa do not expect people in these conditions to use Costa but there are many young people in the same position who will be affected. I find it beyond belief that people in wheelchairs cannot access the building."

A response from Building Standards to Cllr McFarlane on Tuesday, April 26, said: "We had a complaint from a member of the public yesterday who has a son in a wheelchair and had difficulties using the drop kerb arrangement due to parked cars. 

"We advised her that we would take a look at the issue and see if there was anything that Building Standards could do under our legislation. 

"However, she was also informed that what she was describing appeared to be a management problem by the owner/landlord. A site visit was carried out today and the issue does not fall under our remit."

A spokesperson for Costa said: "Costa takes the needs of all customers very seriously and work closely with council departments to meet with all current building  regulations.  

"This particular store in Troon does meet all criteria and has been verified independently.  We will soon be installing power assisted doors to the entrance of this store and already have a number of features designed to improve accessibility for disabled customers, including disabled toilet facilities and hearing loops. 

"In addition, all of our Team Members receive Disability Awareness Training and will offer further assistance to disabled customers if necessary.”