The eyesore shell, which greets visitors just off the ferry, has been lying vacant since South Ayrshire Council shut the facility down.

Councillor Philip Saxton said a business is keen to open up the toilets again as well as a kiosk.

Previous negotiations with the Marina Cafe owners fell through after it closed down but now another firm is interested.

Councillor Saxton said: “We have people coming off the Troon and there are no facilities available for them to use.

“We want this re-opened as a public conveniences.” He was shocked to hear the council had put the building up for lease or sale again without telling local councillors.

He said: “There is no need to put this out to tender again. It has already been put out twice before. It is a waste of time.

“At one five people were interested. The longer this goes on the more dilapidated the toilets will become.”