The tower is to be cut off from the bottom, whisked away for repairs and then returned to its usual spot on Church Street before the Wintertainment festival.

Troon resident Robert Milligan who has championed the cause said: “It is not practical or feasible to do a repair job on the site. It was agreed for it to be taken away, refurbished and brought back.

“We would like to get it back up in time for Wintertainment.” Troon Community Council members have now taken charge of safeguarding the focal point, which is blighted with rust.

Vice chair Douglas Graham said: “It is a task that has to be done. Hopefully they will do a good job and it will last another 15 years.” Former guardian group Troon Initiatives handed over a £2,750 cheque for the landmark’s upkeep to chair Helen Duff last week.

It is estimated the £1,750 repair work will begin at the end of October and take two weeks.

After being blasted in a workshop, it will be replaced with a sleeve instead of being concreted in again so it won’t have to be hacked off in the future.