DETERMINED beach lovers vow to leave no stone unturned in a bid to rid Prestwick seafront of boulders.

Residents in the town are creating an action group to solve the longstanding blight of huge bricks being washed up.

The sands are littered with concrete mysteriously delivered by the tides.

Prestwick South Community council member Norrie Smith is determined people can fight the force of nature.

He said: “This is going to take a mammoth effort from the community at large but we are going to do this. We need a plan to get rid of these rocks. They have been getting washed up for years We need to find out where this rubble is all coming from. We are going to start brainstorming and will tear into this project. If we can the stretch cleared — we would have a lovely wee section of beach. Where there is a will there is a way and there is definitely a will.

“It is not about attributing blame — we just need to move forward.” More volunteers are needed to assist the team, which is being pulled together from Prestwick South and North Community Councils.

Norrie said: “Champion George Gemmell has been working so hard trying to solve this problem for years. Now we are joining forces with George so he doesn’t have to tackle the issue alone.” The group are deciding on a date for their first meeting, which will be publicised.

Prestwick South Community Council chair Archie Monkhouse said: “Ayr and Troon beaches look like the Sahara but Prestwick resembles Largs.” South Ayrshire Council bosses have commissioned researchers to examine the background of the stoney situation.

They have been in touch with Glasgow University’s geology department to for advice and a report on how the beach should be maintained.

One theory is that the rubble is being carried along from Newton on Ayr.