Plane spotter Kevin Mcgonigle captured this fantastic shot of a US Omega Tanker apparently scraping house tops with its wings on Thursday.

Although the dramatic image looks like a catastrophe about to happen — the aircraft is actually well above the properties as it prepares to land at Prestwick.

Dad-of-two Kevin said: “The tanker looks like it is actually sitting on the houses but there is a suitable distance separating them. Thankfully, there are no safety issues at all. How long has Prestwick been operating and there has never been accident?

“The lens has created a compression angle, which makes the plane look closer than it is.” The keen aviation photographer often heads to Shaw Road bordering the airport but captured the unusual perspective from Monkton instead.

Countrywide followers of Scotland from the Roadside fired off worried comments when he posted his result.

Kathleen Adair said: “Too close for comfort.” Inveryes Mann said: “That’s one shot the estate agents won’t be using.” Kevin, of Chapelhall, said: “I was really pleased with the photograph. Some people actually thought I had photoshopped it. I come to Prestwick quite often. When I arrived at the airport on Thursday it was quite busy so I went to a Monkton pub carpark for a better view. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see this McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft again. It used to be used in civil aviation before but is now used by the military.” The tanker accompanied two F18 fighter jets into Prestwick which had been performing at a Danish airshow.

It is used to fuel the jets in mid air and they took off from Ayrshire on Friday — and Kevin was on hand to witness the take-off as well.

The 40-year-old workshop manager is one of many aviation enthusiasts rooting for Prestwick to become the UK’s first Spaceport.

He said: “The Spaceport would be ideal.”