Safety railings have also been installed along the south pier to make sure sightseers don’t slip into treacherous rocks below.

The welcome move has come in time for the school holidays and the thousands of visitors hitting the town.

Port Manager Stuart Cresswell, of Associated British Ports, said: “Fishermen told us the railings would be a good idea with some many young kids around. It will hopefully improve safety around the pier.

“Kids tombstoning at the pier is an ongoing issue when the sun comes out so we are happy to do anything that helps out.

“We installed the railings and South Ayrshire Council has put in three new lifebelt stations.

“There have been problems in the past with vandals throwing them in the water and someone would open the box in an emergency only to find it empty.” Councillor Bill Grant said the safety measures offer a major reassurance in the event of an accident.

He said: “I am delighted at the introduction of the safety rails and lifebelts. Hopefully this will act as a deterrence for tombstoning but if they are determined enough they can climb the fence.” Councillor Grant is now on a mission to get the council to extend the railings further along in time for the Scottish Airshow.

He said: “I’m desperate to get an additional barrier up in time for the September air show as it would be a magnificent viewpoint for seeing the wonderful aircraft.” Teens have been dicing with death by leaping off Ayr Harbour during acts of summer madness.

Last July a youth was rescued after strong currents dragged him out during a tombstoning session.