Dangerous Dorothy Beveridge, 53, has been jailed for nine months for kicking police officer Shannyn Henderson in the head on May 27, She also dug her nails into cop Stuart Lawrie's hand and tried to bite him during the hospital incident.

Her spree of terror dates back to 2003 when she knifed a nurse on the face and wounded another's hand at the Dalmellington Road hospital.

As a result she is searched everytime she is admitted to the wards.

The Advertiser reported how the mother, from Georges Avenue, walked free in April from the dock despite threatening to attack nurses again.

At the time she told the Advertiser she had "changed" and everybody deserves a second chance.

Medical staff were subjected to screams she would knife them as she shouted, swore and headbutted a wall during the fracas on January 10.

Sheriff Norman McFadyen handed her a supervisory order then.

But her latest appearance at Ayr Sheriff Court saw her handcuffed and led away to the cells.