Emma McGrath’s patience reached breaking point during the school’s sports day when little son Leon, five, wet himself because toilets were ‘locked,’ The Ayr 28-year-old was digusted when the school refused to cancel the event despite pouring rain.

She also has complaints about her three-year-old daughter Elizabeth arriving home with a soaking nappy — that appeared not to have been changed one morning.

Emma said: “I was heartbroken when I saw her heavy nappy. I was told of course it had been changed but it was completely full. I felt like my worries were just being dismissed.” The mother-of-five’s disappointment was compounded during the primary’s Dam Park games when children were left sitting in rain without shelter while teachers were wrapped up in raincoats.

She said: “The sports day should have been cancelled. There is no way it should have went ahead. There were no toilets available and the children couldn’t go. My Leon wasn’t the only child to have an accident.

“There were shelters available but the pupils were out in the downpour. Eventually some of us parents tried to remove our kids but a teacher attempted to stop us at a barrier.” The Castlehill family switched to Kincaidston Primary earlier this month and Emma is thrilled with the reception they have received so far.

Two of her brood Elizabeth and Jayden, seven, need additional support and new teachers are already formulating a plan for the pair.

She was shocked to read a report on Jayden, which revealed how he had been struggling at his former school.

She said: “If they had just told me earlier I would have moved him a long time ago. I knew he wasn’t the same as other children as he can’t read or write but I thought putting him in a mainstream school would be good for him.

“It was difficult to make the decision but I couldn’t let them stay in Newton.

“My children are my whole life. I will do the best I can for them. I won’t let them be forgotten in the system. So many parents have had problems and someone needed to speak out.”