Jenny Cummings and Dwaine Butters also chose the date and time of their special day — to tie in with tunes from the band.

The pair opted to tie the knot on Saturday because the date matched the Ayrshire rocker’s song — 27 from album Blackened Sky. Likewise Jenny headed up the garden aisle at exactly 2.15pm — giving a nod to another track with that title.

Jenny, 30, of Annbank, said: “It all fitted in nicely. We wrote our own vows with Biffy lyrics. We have taken snippets from various tracks. We have both followed Biffy for years and years and are completely hooked.” Her dress — a striped bodice with a white tutu — was also a departure from standard nuptial wear. And instead of diamonds she modelled a specially commissioned plastic necklace with the words ‘Mon the Biffy’ spelt out.

New hubby Dwaine, 28, a screenprinter, sported his converse for the occasion, which took place in Jenny’s parents garden outside the village of Annbank.

Former Doon Academy pupil and design technology technician Jenny said: “We are not traditional at all.” Naturally the couple met at a Biffy gig in Leeds and ever since then they have become joint superfans. Dwaine, from Middlesborough, even blew thir house deposit on a trip to LA to see the idols where they met Simon O’ Neil (pictured) and the rest of the crew.

The big day invitations featured Biffy album covers and also a puzzle — linking in with the album of that name and Jenny’s entry to the ceremony was accompanied by a T-in-the Park recording from the band.

Zoe Lyons — of TLC Celebrants — had the important task of marrying them.

She said: “This wedding was very personalised. I was changing the script up to five minutes beforehand and had to pull over in my car to jot down ideas. Everything was so quirky and fun.” Zoe described their first date at the ceremony.

She said: “Dwaine waited 12 hours to get the space at the front of the gig. Perfect gent – he gave it to Jenny and stood behind her. She turned around to talk to him and lost the space.” Dwaine proposed to Jenny on Ayr beach — writing ‘ marry me’ in the sand.”