Former high flying property consultant Shauna Lewis has left the ratrace behind for a quieter life in her seaside shop.

Shauna — who offers reiki and angel card readings — is organising a psychic fair in Troon Concert Hall on July 5.

The Monkton mum-of-two said: “We all have a guardian angel I believe they offer guidance but I don’t believe in predicting the future. That is quite dangerous as we all have free will.

“I used to close big property deals but I left that behind me. Now I have a slower pace of life. I no longer earn a big wage but it is all about balance.” The glamourous blonde, 47, who only wears dresses, said her belief in celestial beings was kindled by early childhood experiences.

Shauna said: “As a little girl when I got scared I felt someone lying beside me breathing. I would hold my breath to check it wasn’t me and still heard it. I wasn’t frightened as I found it comforting.” Shauna who owns the Portland Street Little Shop of Wonders has booked well known speakers for the Holistic and Psychic Fair.

There will also be 40 tables — offering gifts and readings. The event will run on Sunday, July 5 from 12 noon to 5pm at Troon Concert Hall. Tickets cost £3.