Dizzee Rascal has helped distribute meals and food parcels in the community he grew up in.

The rapper, 35, helped distribute the food at a primary school in Poplar, east London, on Thursday.

The initiative is run by Kitchen Social, a project which was set up by the Mayor’s Fund for London charity, which helps distribute food to children in the school holidays.

Dizzee Rascal helped distribute the food at a primary school in Poplar (Ben Stevens/PA)

Dizzee Rascal said: “I was given an amazing opportunity to visit and help out Kitchen Social at Bygrove Primary School in Poplar, who are providing free food, books and school equipment to kids in the local area where I grew up.

“Thank you to all the amazing people I met and thanks Mayor’s Fund for London for connecting the dots.”

He spent Thursday morning packing parcels containing enough food to make five meals for a family of four.

The rapper helping Kitchen Social in Poplar (Ben Stevens/PA)

He also served meals to children and families.

Kirsty McHugh, chief executive of the Mayor’s Fund for London, said: “Many young people in London are paying a devastating price for Covid-19 and as a society, we have a duty to help.

“Not all of us can volunteer like Dizzee today, but even small donations can help our young people access food and other support.”