THIS year's indoor U12 Superteams Championships took place on Sunday at The Emirates Arena, Glasgow and as usual proved to be one of the most popular events on the athletics calendar.

The competition comprises teams of four athletes, each of whom takes part in a 60m race, a shot putt, a long jump and then a 4x200m relay which although ran as boys and girls races are scored as a single competition.

With the vast numbers of teams wanting to compete each club is strictly limited to having two boys teams and two girls teams take part.

Of the 57 girls teams competing on the day the Ayr Seaforth Girls B eam finished 28th and the ‘A’ Team were 31st. In the boys competition there were 46 teams and the Boys A team were 12th while the B team were 14th.

There was however a highlight of the day as U11 athlete Nathan Scott broke the club record for 60m with an excellent time of 9.43s.

Everyone at Seaforth congratulates him.


U12 Superteams - Boys



2:10.15 (14th)

Alfie Murphy

60m 9.29s (18th)

Long Jump 3.22m (56th=)

Shot Putt 4.85

James LeRoux

60m 9.34s (20th)

Long Jump 3.45m (29th=)

Shot Putt 4.69m (65th=)

Dylan Swiatek

60m 9.58s (38th)

Long Jump 3.38m (37th)

Shot Putt 3.96m (117th)

Findlay Muir

60m 9.99s (78th)

Long Jump 3.03m (87th=)

Shot Putt 3.73m (138th=)



2:13.19 (5th)

Nathan Scott

60m 9.43s (23rd)

Long Jump 3.32m (40th)

Shot Putt 3.76m (136th)

Rory Kilpatrick

60m 9.71s (54th)

Long Jump 3.46m (24th=)

Shot Putt 4.60m (72nd=)

Daniel Byers

60m 9.79s (61st)

Long Jump 2.84m (113th=)

Shot Putt 4.86m (45th)

Daniel Hay

60m 10.03s (83rd)

Long Jump 2.85m (111th=)

Shot Putt 4.45m (86th)

U12 Superteams - Girls



2:19.29 (44th)

Hannah Slider

60m 10.27s (121st)

Long Jump 2.78m (123rd=)

Shot Putt 3.41m (157th)

Oriana Baya

60m 9.85s (61st=)

Long Jump 3.35m (28th=)

Shot Putt 3.53m (144th)

Grace Nugent

60m 10.08s (95th)

Long Jump 3.04m (74th=)

Shot Putt 3.75m (121st)

Drew Walker

60m 10.06s (93rd)

Long Jump 2.77m (125th=)

Shot Putt 3.83m (113th=)



2:22.88 (56th)

Hattie McKay

60m 10.03s (91st)

Long Jump 3.06m (69th=)

Shot Putt 3.29m (181st=)

Abbie Cairns

60m 9.88s (67th)

Long Jump 3.09m (65th)

Shot Putt 3.38m (165th=)

Amy Tait

60m 10.43s (140th)

Long Jump 2.20m (214th)

Shot Putt 2.95m (206th=)

Emma Ablett

60m 9.63s (35th=)

Long Jump 2.75m (129th=)

Shot Putt 3.55m (143rd).