THIS season's Indoor League got off to an early start this year with the first match taking place in October on a date which unfortunately coincided with the Scottish National Cross Country Relays.

Nonetheless, Ayr Seaforth fielded the best teams available on the day with most involved in the distance running section competing at Cumbernauld in the cross country.

Although it is early days with two more matches to come in the New Year then hopefully a final to look forward to, some of the Seaforth teams are sitting nicely after Match One.

In these events, the English Athletics grading system is used to gauge performance levels of exceptional standards and on the day, U13 athlete Erin Ramsay gained two separate Graded performances.

In the 200m she attained a Grade One performance with a time of 28.37s, beating the Grade One qualification standard of 28.40s while in the 60m she attained a Grade Two performance with a time of 8.69s, beating the standard of 8.70s.

Results, Scottish Athletics Indoor League (SAIL) Match One, October 28

Rory Kilpatrick

60m (A String) 4th (9.69s)

Standing Long Jump (A String) 2nd (1.71m)

Brady McLean

600m (A String) 4th (2:08.68)

Nathan Scott

60m (B String) 1st (9.67s)

Standing Long Jump (B String) 6th (1.47m)

Daniel Frew

600m (B String) 2nd (2:08.49)

Nils Sembins

60m (A Team) 7th (9.46s)

200m (A Team) 4th (30.88s)

Long Jump (A Team) 17th (2.22m)

Daniel Byres

800m (A Team) 3rd (2:43.76)

High Jump (A Team) 5th (1.15m)

Shot Put (A Team) 12th (4.06m)

U15 Boys

Ryan Saxton

60m (A Team) 9th (8.97s)

200m (A Team) 8th (29.12s)

Toby Nixon

800m (A Team) 8th (2:33.19)

400m (A Team) 5th (66.09s)

Long Jump (A Team) 4th (4.46m

Charlie Dorward

60mH (A Team) 6th (11.59s)

Shot Put (A Team) 7th (6.46m_

U17 Men

Euan Duff

60m (A Team) 2nd (7.61s)

200m (A Team) 3rd (24.11s)

Long Jump (A Team) 1st (6.00m)

Marc Mulgrew

60m (B Team) 10th (7.97s)

200m (B Team) 6th (25.22s)

Long Jump (B Team) 6th (5.04m)

Callum McKenzie

400m (A Team) 3rd (56.93s)

Shot Put (A Team) 11th (6.02m)

U20 Men

Daniel Martin

200m (A Team) 4th (24.90s)

400m (A Team) 2nd (53.42s)

Shot Put (A Team) 2nd (8.56m)

U11 Girls

Oriana Baya

60m (A String) 4th (9.91s)

600m (A String) 6th (2:14.70)

Harriet McKay

Standing Long Jump (A String) 8th (1.53m)

Reese Devine

60m (B String) 2nd (9.84s)

Emma Ablett

600m (B String) 3rd (2:18.41)

Standing Long Jump ( B String) 11th (1.40m)

U13 Girls

Erin Ramsay

60m (A Team) 1st (8.69s)

200m (A Team) 1st (28.37s)

Long Jump (A Team) 2nd (4.02m)

Anna Kirk

800m (A Team) 4th (2:47.43)

High Jump (A Team) 5th (1.10m)

Shot Put (A Team) 11th (4.26m)

U15 Girld

Imogen Tribe

60m (A Team) 6th (8.82s)

Rebecca Grieve

800m (A Team) 2nd (2:28.28)

High Jump (A Team) 10th (1.15m)

Long Jump (A Team) 1st (4.83m)

Abbie Rankine

60mH (A Team)

12th (12.84s)

Shot Put (A Team) 11th (5.84m)

Rosie Morrison

200m (A Team) 13th (31.13s)

Fay McTrusty

300m (A Team) 10th (50.21s)

U17 Women

Sophie Slider

60m (B Team) 3rd (8.45s)

300m (B Team) 2nd (43.65s)

Long Jump (B Team) 8th (4.03m)

Gemma Bruce

60m (A Team) 8th (8.59s)

300m (A Team) 4th (44.91s)

Bethany Haugh

200m (A Team) 6th (28.52s)

Emile Oosterbeek

High Jump (A Team) 4th (1.35m)

Long Jump (A Team) 13th (NJ)

Shot Put (A Team) 11th (6.56m)

U20 Women

Kirsten McClymont

60m (B Team) 1st 8.22s)

200m (B Team) 1st (27.06s)

Aimee McGinley

60m (A Team) 3rd (8.35s)

Nadia Simpson

200m (A Team) 3rd (27.44s)

Louise Murray

60mH (A Team) 4th (11.74s)

Katie McAlpine

Long Jump (A Team) 4th (4.21m)

Team League positions After Match One

U11 Boys Team A 2nd

U11 Girls Team A 3rd

U13 Boys Team A 7th

U13 Girls Team A 4th

U15 Boys Team A 7th

U15 Girls Team A 6th

U17 Men Team A 7th

U17 Men Team B 14th

U17 Women Team A 5th

U17 Women Team B 13th

U20 Men Team A 6th

U20 Women Team A 4th

U20 Women Team B 9th