A GLITTERING haul of prizes were secured by five-time World Indoor Bowling champion Paul Foster and teenager Rebecca Houston at the Prestwick Ambassador Indoor Bowling Club Championships on Good Friday.

Host club players Paul and Rebecca were crowned ladies and gents champions for 2017.

Foster had a hard game against 17-year-old Darren Weir to take the gents singles title.

He has had a very successful indoor season, having previously won the World indoor singles, British Isles singles and SIBA singles events.

The Troon man also won the Gents Pairs, Triples, Fours and 2- Bowl Pairs titles at the top event.

Rebecca beat her younger sister Rachel in the ladies final. It's her second success in the ladies the championship and a fine end to her very successful indoor season which also saw her win the WIBC mixed triples championship.

Not content with singles success, Rebecca won the Ladies Pairs, Triples, Under-15 and Under-16 titles at Prestwick.

Roll of Honour

Ladies pairs, winners: Rebecca Houston and Louise Noon; runners-up: Sandra Shackleton and Cathy Lawson

Two bowl pairs, winners: Alison Granger and Jill West; runners-up: Rebecca Houston and Louise Noon

Triples, winners: Rebecca Houston, Louise Noon and Dawn Anderson; runners-up: Sandra Shackleton, Marion Thomson and Cathy Lawson

Fours, winners: Wilma Ogilvie, Betty Hainey, Anne Wilson and Anne Gibson; runners-up: Dawn Anderson, Louise Noon, Lyn Houston and Rebecca Houston

Under-25's, winner: Rebecca Houston; runner-up: Dawn Anderson

Gents pairs, winners: Craig Lindsay and Paul Foster; runners-up: Reece Martin and Mark Kerr

Triples, winners: Andy Kilday, Craig Lindsay and Paul Foster; runners-up: David Brown, Brian Cavers and Colin Noon

Fours, winners Andy Kilday, Alistair Smillie, Craig Lindsay and Paul Foster; runners-up: Blair McKee, Colin Weir, Darren Weir and Andrew Weir

2 Bowl Pairs, winners: Craig Lindsay and Paul Foster; runners-up: Reece Martin and Mark Kerr

Under-25's, winner: Darren Weir; runner-up: Ross Gouldstone

Seniors singles, winner Maurice Sturgeon; runner-up: John Lindsay

Pairs, winners: Michael Higgins and Maurice Sturgeon; runners-up: George Smith and Stan Gibson

Triples, winners: George Little, Alex Thomson and John Lindsay; runners-up: Tom Workman, William Kennedy and Hector Berretti

Fours, winners Danny Frew, Jim McKean, William Wallace and David Phillips; runner-up: Ken Neal, George Smith, William White and Stan Gibson

Junior championships

Under 16, winner: Rebecca Houston; runner-up: Jamie Noon

Under 15, winner: Rebecca Houston; runner-up: Rachel Houston

Under12, winner: Jamie Noon; runner-up: Marc Coubrough.

THE Ayrshire trials for the North will be held at West Kilbride on Saturday, April 29. at 2pm.

The following gents have been selected to attend the trial: George Adrian, Drew Boyd, Scott Bradley, Craig Burns, Steven Burns, Stephen Caldwell, Chris Carswell, John Carswell, David Crawford, Blair Davidson, Colin Doak, Paul Fisher, Paul Foster, Grant Hamilton, David Hargreaves, Colin Howie, Graeme Hume, James Hume, Ryan Kelly, Darren Law, Jim Lewis, Connor McKinnon, Jack Montgomery, Darren O'Rourke, Graham Peacock, Ewan Sloan, Scott Speirs, Scott Stephenson, Sean Stirling, Gary Wells, Calum Williamson, Martin Williamson, Cameron Wilson, Scott Wilson.

The Ayrshire trials for the South will be held at Newton Park on Saturday 6th May at 2pm.

Not all gents have replied so all named below should contact Erik Smart secretary Ayrshire Bowling Association as soon a possible to confirm if they are available.

The following gents have been selected to attend the trial: Billy Anderson, Andrew Baillie, Craig Barbour, Watson Bell, Graeme Campbell, Alex Cathie, Stuart Christie, Junior Cole, Ross Copeland, Jim Cumming, Currie Ryan, Scott Currie, Chris Duffy, Ross Elliot, Derek Ferguson, Stuart Gemmell, Ryan Gilmour, Sandy Graham, James Gribben, James Henderson, Jim Hopkins, Callum Hunter, Graeme Hunter, Mark Kerr, Jim Leitch, Graham Longair, Sean Lowrie, Craig McClue, Hugh McCrindle, Robert McDowall, Sean McGhee, William McKenzie, Graham McKinlay, Robert McLatchie, Steven McLean, Jim McRoberts, Gordon Nelson, Mark Robson, David Shields, Paul Shields, Colin Smith, John Tait, Murray Thomson, Scott Watson, Andrew Weir, Darren Weir, Scott Wright.

The under-25's trial will be held at Kay Park on May 7, at 2pm.