TROON Inshore Lifeboat assisted in an early morning call out after reports of a missing person.

At 2.34am on Thursday, November 23, Troon’s Inshore Lifeboat was requested to launch by Belfast Coastguard after reports of a missing person who was believed to be near to Port Ranald Drive in Troon.

The volunteer crew launched D Class inshore lifeboat 'Telford Shopping Centre' to assist Coastguard Rescue Teams from Ayr and Ardrossan, the Coastguard Search and Rescue helicopter 'Rescue 199' and officers from Police Scotland.

A spokesman for Troon RNLI, said: “On exiting the harbour, a shore line search was started by the crew from the entrance of Troon harbour heading northwards along the coast assisted by the coastguard helicopter overhead.

“At about 2.54am, information came through from Belfast Coastguard that the missing person had been located elsewhere and the lifeboat could stand down from the search.

“With this information, the crew returned to the harbour where the lifeboat was recovered with the assistance of the shore crew and made 'Ready for Service'.”