By Karen Ludmer

IT has come to the papers attention that there has been strange goings on at Hardup Hall. 

Our photographer Charlie Gilmour went to investigate after an anonymous tip off from a concerned member of the public.

It was discovered that a young woman called Cinderella Hardup has been living a life of extreme poverty and slavery while her half sisters soak up the highlife in Ayr.

Ayr Advertiser:

Charlie Gilmour went to Hardup Hall to interview the ugly sisters to obtain a statement but was accosted by them at the entrance and they refused to say anything other than ‘no comment’. 

They then proceeded to cover Charlie in custard, vegetable clippings and manure. Charlie managed to escape without any serious injuries but upon investigating further at the back of the building could see a young woman in rags lying next to the embers of the fire trying to keep warm.

As the result of this Charlie followed the two sisters into Ayr and was horrified to see how they spent their time showing themselves to be really rebellious , unruly and mischievous with no regard for others but themselves.

Ayr Advertiser:

Charlie said: ‘I saw them terrorise customers in the street . They then went round Boots trying to pluck out everyone’s nostril hair –it was absolutely disgusting.

“They then made the make-up artists on the No 7 stand do their make-up causing havoc. I caught them reading inappropriate books in Waterstones and making the waitresses see to their every whim in the Coffee Shop there.

“But in addition to this, after they had cake and coffee, I saw them doing a runner before paying their bill. They went to Morrisons next pretending to shop but caused further serious mayhem with all sorts of pranks and antics in the supermarket. 

“I saw the Assistant Manager and staff chasing them up and down the aisles as they were causing a huge disturbance and eventually they got thrown out.”

Our photographer, keeping a very low profile, managed to take these photographs to show just how full of their own self importance they are. 
‘The words ‘wayward and uncontrollable ‘ used to describe the Ugly Sisters are just too nice’ said Charlie.

He is calling on all the children of Ayrshire to get along to the Gaiety theatre from November 28 to  January 3 to boo and hiss at these two ugly sisters as soon as they come onto the stage for treating their sister Cinderella and the citizens of Ayrshire so badly.

For Tickets to see Cinderella at the Ayr Gaiety Theatre. Call the Box Office on 01292 288235 or book online