A MAN who fell asleep at stand 14 at Ayr bus station and threatened to kill staff when they woke him up, has been slapped with a community service.

Robert Qua, of Kilmarnock, owned up to shouting, uttering threats and kicking a door at the Sandgate station in September this year.

Qua assaulted a member of staff and attempted to headbutt him on the face. The 38-year-old appeared before Sheriff John Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. 

The court heard how the incident took place at 1am.

Depute Fiscal Jacob Tomnay said: “Stagecoach staff noticed Mr Qua lying on the ground at stand 14. They attempted to rise him but were unsuccessful.

“The police were called and another witness attempted to rise him. Qua kicked out. One of the staff members asked him to calm down but he refused and headbutted him on the nose.

“The two station staff walked back to the office. He followed them and said ‘I am going to do you in and kill you.’ The staff went inside the office. Qua kicked the door. When police arrived, they could see him standing at the door.”

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor, Euan Cameron, said: “Mr Qua had consumed a lot of alcohol. He had attended a friend’s grandmother’s funeral in Tarbolton before trying to make his way home.

“He is already subject to a community payback order and appears to be performing well. I would respectfully ask your Lordship to allow his order to continue and punish him as he deserves to be punished with more unpaid work.

“He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and is very remorseful for his actions.”

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Montgomery, said: “If you had injured this man, I would have without hesitation sent you to jail today.

“You are very fortunate. Instead of going to jail I will make you subject of a community payback order. But if you breach this, you will be going to jail.”

Qua will complete 15 months of a community payback order within 15 months as well as 200 hours unpaid work within six months. 

He will also attend alcohol counselling.