A COMMUNITY Sports Hub chairman has set the record straight on “misleading” information given regarding the BMX Park in Troon.

In September, the Troon Times reported that the demolition of the old paddling pool and shelter on the town’s promenade was underway, which followed with BMX riders receiving a grant and talks with officers to turn the paddling pool into a skate park. 

However, John Irvine, chairman of Troon Community Sports Hub told the Troon Times that this information was ‘misleading’ and the site at the paddling pool was immediately discounted as it was in the proximity of residential properties.

He said: “Members of the Hub requested support in providing a wheeled sports facility for the town and we applied for a grant from sportscotland to carry out a feasibility study.

“The application was successful, and a feasibility study is underway, however, the site at the paddling pool was immediately discounted as it was too close to houses.

“The focus is currently on two sites, the seafront at Barassie and the community playing fields near Marr College which is the current favourite.

“We have a meeting scheduled for January to discuss the wheeled sports facility once the feasibility study has been completed. The plan is to bring as many of the sports clubs together at a community base and the playing fields are an ideal setting.”

Cllr Peter Convery, commented: “The information that I was given was that there were discussions with the Marr Playing Fields for the BMX riders and that was all I knew at that time.

"I think the sports facility would be an ideal place – I can’t see it at Barassie, especially in the winter, but the sports facility has cover, and I would fully support that.

"Marr College also has the shower facilities which makes it a much better place. I get the feeling that the use of the paddling pool is going to be really challenging given the ferocity of what a large number of people have said about it.”