FURTHER concerns have been raised around the overgrown dog training park in Troon.

Jean Shields, of Titchfield Road, previously deemed the issue an “absolute disgrace” due to the overgrown shrubs in the area.

Speaking at last week’s Troon Community Council, she said: “I have been concerned about the dog training park and at last month’s Troon Community Council, I asked that someone looked into it and helped to get it re-done as a training park for the dogs.

“It isn’t needing a lot done to it, but it is needing work.

“I used it for 10 years with my other dogs and I miss using it and so do other people that I speak to – they are all saying the same thing – to get it back to what it was.”

Cllr Convery, commented: “I have already taken this up. I have been out a couple of times and Ms Shields is right.

“It was originally developed for dogs to be trained and it was actually at the time when we were going for the Blue Flag Award – when four legged animals didn’t go on the beach.

“The bottom line is, that it has overgrown its ability and it hasn’t been properly tended. The maintaining of it and the exterior of it is in pretty good shape.

“I was told at one point that one of the gates had been broken in and smashed but I couldn’t find any evidence of that so basically what I’m doing now is working with Fiona Ross so I will keep you up to date.”

Mike Newall, head of neighbourhood services at South Ayrshire Council, added: “There are numerous areas across South Ayrshire for dog walkers to enjoy.

“The fenced off area near Troon Beach was used at a time when dogs were not allowed on the beach.

“However, for the last 20 years, dog owners have been able access it as long as they respect South Ayrshire.”