RESIDENTS hit back at plans to develop houses on the greenbelt between Muirhead and Loans as South Ayrshire Council are accused of having “double standards”.

Over 20 people attended Troon Community Council last week to express their concerns of the proposed site, with the majority opposing the plan.

Resident Phillip Martin made the community council aware that if the proposal went ahead, it would remove the children’s play park in Loans, comparing it to the considered plans to create a children’s park on the development site on Dalmilling Golf Course in Ayr.

He said: “It would appear to be the case that South Ayrshire Council are considering selling part of the Loans Park to the developer as shown on the map. 

“What double standards is that? They say the reason for selling Dalmilling Golf Course is that there will be a park area for the people of Dalmilling because they have to get the bus out to Belleisle. I mean what a load of nonsense – they are going to destroy this park and Loans so what are the people of Loans to do?”

Cllr Peter Convery responded: “What I would say is that everyone who is concerned about this, please come to the meetings because it is absolutely vital. Just the fact that you are all here tonight, tells us how you feel.”

Angela Brown, who lives across from the Loans Park, added: “We see all the children out playing and people walking their dogs – it would be a huge loss to Loans if it was going to happen – it is just ridiculous.”

Ms Stevenson, of South Drive, Muirhead, looks straight onto the field from her home.

She said: “I can’t understand anyone wishing to build on a field, when every winter, it is flooded. I have pictures from 1992 to today and that is what it has been like every winter.

“My biggest concern is that if they are building into this, my road comes to an abrupt end. I worry that what happens if they use my road – it is very small, short and there is no way that it can be used as a main road.

"I know that everyone in Muirhead doesn’t want to join up with Troon and Loans doesn’t want to join up with Muirhead because they’re two different identities. Do they really need to build more houses in such a small place and make it overgrown?

"Troon can’t take the houses that they are building at the moment – I just feel that is it just a very bad idea.”

Cllr Bob Pollock, commented: “We have just got approval for 1000 extra social inclusion housing in South Ayrshire. 

“My concerns are that,yes I am all in favour of building social housing, but I don’t think that is the site to build it on, on the basis of suitability and the fact that you’ll lose the green site.

"The green belt clearly identifies the village of Loans from the town of Troon. 

“This isn’t a done deal as far as I’m concerned – we fully encourage the people to put their tuppence worth in.”