A WOMAN who was found waving a flick knife in the air outside a church in Ayr has been placed on a supervision order.

Claire Mitchell of North Shore Lane, Troon, admitted being in possession of the blade without lawful authority in July on Lindsay Street.

Depute Fiscal Lorri Pidgeon, said: "At 1.25pm the witness was driving to his mother's address. As he turned the corner he could see the accused standing on the pavement.

"She was walking towards the church. He could see her holding something but could not make out what it was. He then saw he was standing with a knife in her hand.

"He got out of the car as she was swinging it 10 to 15ft away. The man said it looked like he was doing a figure of eight with it and contacted police.

"Mitchell was standing outside a church. Police attended and she was searched. The knife was found in her bag."

Speaking on her behalf, defence solicitor, Colin Adam, said: "This knife had nothing to do with her. Ms Mitchell said someone gave it to her.

"She had been at at a party and had taken her prescription medication and mixed it with drink. My client had been with a number of people she did not know and the person who gave her the knife."

Mitchell has been placed on a community payback order and will remain under supervision for 18 months.