CONCERNS have been raised relating to the plans to build a BMX park at the former paddling pool in Troon.

Troon community councillor Robert Milligan, whose brother resides in Titchfield Road where the development is proposed to be built, raised the matter at a recent meeting.

He explained that many of the neighbours were disgruntled by the plans.
Mr Milligan, said: “My brother lives in Titchfield Road and I have spoken to him about this.

“He has also spoken to some of his neighbours and they don’t want a BMX park there.

“They would prefer a modernised shelter being built again because they use that area in the summer time where they can sit there and enjoy the weather.

“They have a lovely view out over the bay, with Alisa Craig and Arran and down towards Troon and they feel that a BMX bike would be a bit noisy, especially in the summer time when there are later nights.

“Cllr Peter Convery has the right idea but maybe the council should get the designer to come up with several ideas and sketches and put them in the town hall and ask the public to cast their vote on what their preference was.

“Then they would get a feeling for what people felt was a priority for the town and if people don’t vote, then at least they were given the opportunity.

“The residents adjacent to this area would prefer a new shelter and they say it is definitely needed because, some nights when it is windy, you need a shelter to protect them. It is the last thing that the neighbours want – the BMX park has to be on an appropriate site.”

Community councillor Erica Williamson had also opposed the plans at the previous community council meeting.

She said: “I think it is very admirable that the councillors have taken on board that the paddling pool has been a disaster from the moment it was put in and that something has to be done, but, at no point have I heard what the residents want. 

“I have seen BMX bikes. The children that operate them are not very quiet – they are like little animals. The whole point of a BMX park is that they can get excited and scream.

“Putting that in the middle of a residential area is, in my opinion, is cruelty to the residents.”