DOG fouling is one of South Ayrshire Council's biggest complaints and there is hope that new signage will lower the amount of offences committed.

Dog fouling legislation in Scotland has recently increased to £80 and to £100 if the charge isn't paid within the 28 days and the fines are perused if they're not paid.

Previously the charge was £40 and if it was not paid on time, it would be a charge of £60.

More signage for people to pick up their dogs mess will hopefully be put in place around Troon, as well as more stickers on lamp posts.

There are new signs in South Ayrshire and they are called the 'scary eyed posters' and last year, the council put these outside a nursery as a trail for dog walkers and they worked “very well.”

Connie Loban, enforcement officer for South Ayrshire council, spoke at this months Troon Community Council meeting.

She said: “With the scary-eyed posters, whatever direction you walk, the eyes on the sign move with you so it can be seen as intimidating so it will, hopefully, make you pick up your dogs mess.

“The signs also glow in the dark for dark walking areas, which help as night time is a popular time for dogs to be walked.

“South Ayrshire council took the idea from down in England and the idea has been researched and it shows that it does have a psychological effect on people.”

Since the signs put up at Marr College and there has been no reports of dog fouling.

Every single incident that is not paid for in the time bracket, has the potential to go to court and to be sent to the procurator fiscal.

Officer Lobban added: “We can pay visits to homes of those have offended before and to areas that are known for a lot of dog fouling.

“If people have an idea that a certain person, or persons are making a problem in their area then they can report it to environmental services who then pass it on to the council and it is done anonymously.

“A large issue around dog fouling is 'cleansing'. Every resident in South Ayrshire has a right to have a clean up and have the dog fouling removed from a specific area.

“If you want somewhere you know to be cleaned, you can phone the 0300 123 9000 number and be specific about what you are reporting, especially with hard surfaces such as paths, streets and tarmacked areas.

“If it is on grassed public areas, recreation areas or children's play park areas, then the remit cleansing has to be requested to grounds maintenance. If anyone wanted to report a clean up for their area, they are able to call 0300 123 0900.”

Dog waste bins are no longer being issued in South Ayrshire, however, the council claims that funds are being put to better use for general bins as they are able to take more waste from around the community.