OVER the past five weeks, the Ayrshire Police Division officers have been working with its road policing colleagues in a road safety action plan.

The campaign has been working at a wide range of locations across South Ayrshire, including, outside schools, town centres and right across the road network.

The results and feedback that the police have received from the public has been “terrific".

In the five week period, 1,205 vehicles were stopped during the campaign and 913 were given advice and warnings about their driving and officers are already seeing good results.

Around 140 drivers were issued fixed penalty notices and 92 cases of driving were reported to the procurator fiscal. There were also cases of 10 cars that were ceased by the police.

There was an additional six drivers that were reporter for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In total, there were 284 actions taken towards drivers as a result of the Road Safety Action Campaign.

Constable Michelle McCreadie, one of the community officers in Troon, attended this months Troon Community Council meeting.

She said: “Through social media, especially Facebook, communication to the public relating to the Road Safety Campaign, reached over 49,000 people so it was quite positive for us and hopefully, we have gotten across to the community in South Ayrshire.”