A CAMPAIGN to prevent Ayr Hospital’s cancer unit from closing is gathering momentum from local councillors.

The future of Station 15 at Ayr Hospital which treats cancer patients is unclear and supporters of the campaign say closing this station would have a major impact on families.

If Station 15 shuts, patients would be transferred to Crosshouse Hospital and patients and their families from Maybole, Girvan and all surrounding villages south of Ayr would have to travel a further 18 miles for cancer treatment.

Cllr Alec Clark said: “I have been receiving concerns from many of my constituents in regards to the mounting publicity highlighting the potential closure of Station 15 at University Hospital Ayr in favour of a move by Ayrshire and Arran Health Board to concentrate Oncology Services at Crosshouse Hospital Ayrshire. 

“This had raised fears with many of the service users in the rural parts of South Ayrshire mainly resident within Carrick including the towns of Girvan and Maybole as well as all of the surrounding villages. 

“It also has the effect of placing uncertainty among the brilliant and highly thought of staff on Station 15 at the Ayr Hospital. Many of my constituents and their families who are involved with this service rely on either public transport or ambulance patient transfer. 

“If the service were to be transferred to Crosshouse, this would incur a full day away from early morning to late evening for those patients travelling from anywhere in South Carrick. This, depending on the treatment regime, could be on various days and also has a severe imposition on families who naturally wish to support their loved ones. 

“Any visit involving public transport from Girvan and indeed the rest of Carrick entails travelling by bus or train to Ayr and then waiting on a separate bus service to travel on to Crosshouse Hospital with the same difficult journey by return making it very difficult for any rural resident to be with a friend or family member when that support is really essential. 

“These concerns were raised previously when there was a suggested potential move of A&E services from Ayr to Crosshouse which was also strongly resisted for the same reasons.

"It can be a very stressful time for any individual receiving Oncology Services and a worrying and harrowing time for families and friends. To make life bearable for these folk, and for the benefit of the wonderful and appreciated staff of Oncology Services at Station 15 Ayr Hospital, we need to remove any uncertainty.”

Visit https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/do-not-close-station-15-ayr-hospital?bucket&source=facebook-share-button&time=1509442096 to sign petition.