Organisers of Girvan 350, will need to act efficiently, if they are to celebrate 350 years of the town as a burgh next year.

A meeting was held recently at the Town House, hosted by the Girvan Town Team, to discuss what events should take place throughout 2018 and who should be involved.

There have been various suggestions about Girvan 350 and what it should feature.

Tricia Watts explained: “It was a brilliant turnout, there must have been more than 40 people at the meeting which was great to see.

“But we have still not decided how we should celebrate as ideas are so varied. Some people want a number of events held throughout the year while others think it would be better to have on bigger festivity. 

“We have not had a meeting since then, but some of us from the Town Team will get together to discuss what our next steps should be and when we should hold another meeting for the town. 

“We will phone round everyone who wants to get involved and let them know when that will be.

“One thing is for sure, we have to get the children from the primary and secondary schools involved.

"We would love our children to become more involved in so much more throughout the town.”