SPEED monitors have been installed on Longhill Avenue, to monitor traffic flow.

They were put in place on Tuesday, November 7 and were expected to function for one week before they were taken down and relocated.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance hope this will allow them to monitor the behaviour of drivers and determine a solution for Longhill Avenue, which residents argue is a ‘disaster waiting to happen’. The issue was addressed at an Alloway and Doonfoot community council meeting. 

Chairwoman, Marilyn Dalgleish, said: “I live one street away and all you can hear are tyres screeching and horns beeping. 

“There is a long stretch of road for people to say ‘I can make it’.”

David Manson, the technical officer, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, said: “There are four speed monitors installed in the form of black boxes.

“They are all working fine. They arrived this morning (Tuesday, November 7) and they went straight up. It is our intention to have the cameras there for a week and then we will be able to move on.

“Drivers get used to the cameras and slow down when they have to. We will look at driving habits and take it from there.”

Marilyn Dalgleish, said: “When will we find out the results?”

David Manson continued: “We need to look at the data first and take it from there.”

Mrs Dalgleish asked: “What about a flashing light, like the one on the A77, near Hansel?”

Mr Manson replied: “There are already lights installed by Mactaggart & Mickel who own the land. The question is what we can do and where we can install traffic calming measures.”

A member of the public pointed out that the traffic islands have been damaged, with one was described as ‘lying in a pile’.

Mr Manson concluded: “The traffic islands were put in when the housing development was built. The community wanted a traffic calming measure and Mactaggart & Mickel decided to what should be put in place.