MEMBERS of the Alloway and Doonfoot community council have taken matters into their own hands to find a solution for the future of Belleisle Hotel.

Chairwoman Marilyn Dalgleish, vice chairman Ian Duncanson and planning and licensing advisor Donald Wilson spoke to John Campbell, of Campbell Inns, last week to discuss the ongoing problems.

The meeting was arranged through Chic Brodie, who has volunteered his services to keep the project moving forward.

Speaking at a public meeting Marilyn said: “We had a meeting with Mr Campbell and went to see Mr Campbell and were shown the inside of the hotel.

“It is amazing but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere with South Ayrshire Council . We have reached a stand still. We have now have a meeting with Mike Newall on Monday at 11am. 

“We are going to be asking the question, ‘why is this not going forward?’ Mr Campbell is not a business man, he is a builder. He knows what he is talking about. 

“Mr Campbell has been developing a five star hotel which will bring people into Ayr and we want to support him. People are going into the park and racing their cars. 

“If there hotel was there, this would not happen. You would be able to tall friends and family to ‘come to Ayr, go to Belleisle, go to the park and stay in the hotel.”

Donald Wilson added: “I would like to thank Chic Brodie for allowing us the opportunity to Mr Campbell as we have been trying to get in touch with him for five years. 

“There are not enough parking spaces to begin with for the golf course or the park let alone the hotel or the visitor centre which will be built.”

Chic Brodie added: “I have spent three days producing an argument which will be given to the council lawyers. We need a vision for what Belleisle Park will look like in three years time.

“Thousands of businesses will be developed at Prestwick Airport through the spaceport. We are going to need more than just Belleisle and the Station Hotel to accommodate the people who want to invest in the town.

“Some £1.5 million has been invested in Belleisle already. We need to apply common sense and move forward.”