TWO extra bins will be delivered to South Ayrshire residents to improve recycling and make is more efficient.

The issue was addressed at a recent Alloway and Doonfoot community council meeting where councillors tried to predict what they would be used for.

Cllr Derek McCabe confirmed: “This is an attempt to make recycling easier, although I am not sure what colour they are.”

Cathy Sharkey asked: “It doesn’t matter what colour they are, I just want to know what they will be used for. We used to have a black box for bottles.

“But they disappeared. What happened to them?”

Cllr McCabe said: “We got rid of the black boxes because people were concerned about others seeing what they were drinking.”

Cathy (laughing) replied: “You could hear the clink of the bottles when the bins were being emptied.”

A member of the public asked: “Will that mean another van coming round?”

Cllr Lee Lyons replied: “Yes, but there is a plan and it will go to public consultation first.”

It has not yet been confirmed when the new bins will be featured on South Ayrshire streets.