SOUTH Lodge Care Home is to report back to South Ayrshire Council twice before the end of the year following another “weak” inspection.

In August 2016, the Care Inspectorate conducted an inspection and produced a report which identified a number of requirements and made a number of recommendations, and the overall quality of care was assessed as being weak and in July 2017, an unplanned inspection was carried out, again assessing the provided care as weak.

Due to staffing issues found in the report, this consequently had a significant impact on the four areas that were inspected – quality of care and support, of environment, of staffing and of management and leadership.

A recruitment plan was established and a team of six temporary staff were appointed by June 2017, along with a new manager and a deputy manager being employed in February 2017.

However, despite the actions taken with the hiring of new staff members and the amendments to the medication practice, the report in July 2017 was assessed as weak.

South Lodge Care Home was discussed at a Leadership Panel meeting at the South Ayrshire Council buildings on Tuesday, October 31 and it concluded that, for reassurance, the council requested for two further updates in November and December of this year.

Cllr Peter Henderson, said: “I am genuinely concerned on the reports and for reassurance, I would like to see what has been done in December and to reassure the public that we are doing everything we can in the care home.”

Cllr Douglas Campbell, concluded: “We knew that there were difficulties in the care home with management and leadership – we are very concerned that not being able to employ a manager, this is concerning.

“My recommendation is to have an update at the next Leadership meeting in November and again at the full council meeting in December.”