AYR is getting a makeover - starting with a colourful mural on the side of a popular restaurant.

The Craft and Harbour, on Main Street, took the plunge to be a part of the regeneration of Ayr - and brought in some talented artists to do it.

Amy Whiten, of Recoat designs and two students from City of Glasgow College, Rebecca Cochrane and Courtney Ross came down to begin work on the bright artwork last week.

Amy said: "The Craft and Harbour invited us down to create a piece of artwork on their bar.

"We were able to do anything we wanted to do.

It's going to have elements that represent the local environment so whether its lettering from shop signs, and there is going to be a capsized boat.

"We interpret the space that we are in, rather than just a general scene from Ayr, or a historical picture of Ayr - it's something a bit different but still very much of this place.

Jay Smith, owner of the Craft and Harbour was delighted with the work so far and said: "It's all about the regeneration of Ayr.

"We've always thought there is something special about the place and it's about the complete regeneration of the town centre.

"Ayr used to be the first for everything and this will be a talking point for the town.

"I think that it's going to be very exiting."