A BARMAID was caught-out after lying to cops and allowing a barmy to happen in a bar in Ayr.

The fight - which was captured on CCTV at the Vulcan Tavern - was shown in it's entirety to South Ayrshire's Licensing Board, after the bars licence came under review.

On March 2 2016 a fight broke out in the pub, which saw a man hit over the head with a barstool, and a second man smashing a bottle and using it as a weapon.

There was also footage of a man lighting a cigarette inside the pub - which has been banned since 2006.

Malcolm McGuire, the premises manager for the Vulcan Tavern faced councillors over his staff failing to prevent crime and disorder.

Ann Marie McLuckie, who was running the bar on March 2 when the fight broke out, told police that she hadn't seen any of the disorder because she was out having a cigarette.

The CCTV footage showed that Ms McLuckie went around the bar tidying up and serving customers as the brawl took place just feet away from her.

She did not call police - with cops only showing up after an anonymous man called 999.

Catrina Andrew, the Licensing Standards Officer addressed the Board: "As licensing Standards Officer in South Ayrshire I can confirm that Mr McGuire is not known to me and indeed on any occasion that I have visited the premises to conduct an official visit or part of my general monitoring checks, he has not been on duty.

"Additionally I have always been advised by staff that Mr McGuire is not the day to day manager or supervisor of the premises and that he works and lives outside South Ayrshire.

"Recently a ‘Best Practice’ event was organised by Licensing Services from the Council and Police Scotland to allow Premises Managers and staff the opportunity to gain advice on how to prevent an incident on licensed premises and what to do if and when one occurred.

"This event was well supported however neither Mr McGuire or any of his staff were in attendance."

Issues were then raised about the level of training staff had, and the records to show it had been done.

Mr McGuire defended himself to the Board and said: "There is a file that has staff lists, training and staff records.

Further going on to talk about the night of March 2 he said:"There were six customers in the pub before things happened.

"Six or eight men arrived and did not attempt to buy drink - only two patrons of the bar were involved in the fracas.

"Whilst the incidents are regrettable, I cannot be held responsible for the anti-social behaviour of others."

After a short break to discuss the issue in private, councillors came back with a unanimous decision.

Chair of the board, Cllr Ann Galbraith said: "Mr McGuire, the Board is unanimous and the ground for review is upheld.

"We have decided to suspend the licence for six weeks.

"I would also like to remind you there is a no smoking policy in this country.

"We certainly are not impressed with what we've seen."