RESIDENTS in South Ayrshire have raised concerns that something is wrong with their drinking water.

Fears were sparked after worried locals in Prestwick found their water to have a "strange taste".

Some complained of a chemical smell coming from tap water.
It’s thought that residents in Ayr and Coylton have also flagged up the issue.

Scottish Water were informed of the water concerns today. 

An online community group member of Positive Prestwick told the Advertiser: “It’s not just Prestwick, a few of my friends from Ayr and Coylton have noticed a chemical smell and strange taste to their tap water.

"Mine tasted strange so I contacted them."

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: "Following a small number of customers in parts of Ayrshire contacting Scottish Water to report a taste or odour issue with their water we have checked our infrastructure, including water treatment works and water mains, and taken samples of water at various points on our network for scientific analysis in our laboratories.

“We can confirm that all of our infrastructure is working normally and that the water in our network continues to meet all the strict regulatory requirements and can be used as normal by customers. As a precautionary measure, we will continue to monitor the situation.”