A LIFE-SAVING dog shelter is terrified they won’t be able to save any more pups if they are forced to shut their doors from a lack of help.

Islay Dog Rescue is on the brink of closure due to a massive shortfall in volunteers meaning they can’t remove dogs from death row.

The shelter said to fail now would be ‘unthinkable’ and are determined to get the facility back on its feet, but they need your help.

They are calling on residents to step forward and pitch in to help save the charity which has rehomed over 600 dogs.

Volunteers will be treated to lunch and refreshments in reward for walking the adorable dogs and can even give them a bath. The charity is also looking for DIY projects to be car ried out on the kennels and gates.

They are also hoping to attract a gardener to come look after the grass and plants to make the area look beautiful for the punters and pups.

Shelter boss, Lorriane Jardien, 54, said: “At the minute dogs are dying because we don’t have the resources to take in any more at the moment which is devastating. We save dogs from death row.

“We are desperate for volunteers to help us look after the dogs. The dogs we have here are all lovely, they are just down on their luck and need some TLC.

They need someone to come take them to Dumfries House, Ayr beach, and other outings that they can enjoy together.

“We welcome volunteers every day between 9-5 as long as they are over the age of 14 and they can stay for an hour or all day if they like. We are also trying to raise £13,000 for the kennels and are only £2,000 away so if you can’t volunteer any donations would be really appreciated.”

To support the shelter email islaydogrescue@yahoo.co.uk