A GROUP of Fit Ayrshire Dads recently took over the Troon Park Run.

Fit Ayrshire Dads, a group which encourages and supports men to get fit and improve their mental health, joined the event by marshalling as well as supporting the 83 runners – with some taking part themselves.

The group was set up by Irvine resident Kevin Brown last year and has since taken social media by storm.

Fit Ayrshire Dads is a fitness support group aimed at improving fitness and mental health and helping men become the best possible versions of themselves.

Kevin Brown said: “It allows members to post updates of how they are progressing physically as well as reach out for support in a completely non-judgemental setting the idea was to set up a fitness page with a couple of gym owners and martial arts instructors in Irvine, and bring them all to one facebook page where they would offer advice and guidance, and maybe offer the odd exercise class.

“The page rules were 100 per cent positivity; and no negativity.

“I can also help and motivate with mental health, which is such an important issue these days, and we are offering a mental health first aid course.

Find the group by visiting www.facebook.com/groups/300693070489595/