A TALENTED artist from Troon has been accepted to study at the prestigious New York Academy of Art and is now raising money to ensure he gets to pursue his dream in the big apple.

Michael Doherty, 25, studied at the University of Dundee before being encouraged to apply to do his Master’s in Manhattan where he believes is the best place in the world to learn more about the kind of work he does.

In the meantime, Michael is applying for scholarships to obtain funding to pay a hefty tuition fee bill of $28,000 on top of other living expenses when he moves. Michael said: “I got accepted to the University but I still need to pay the fees so I applied for the scholarship.

“I started painting and drawing when I was really young and I was encouraged by my mother and grandmother to get into it. It was the only thing I was ever interested in and the only thing I cared about doing to be honest. I decided early on it was what I was going to do, and I got the opportunity to go and study it. A lecturer at Dundee saw with the kind of artwork that I do, I should apply for the New York Academy. I applied thinking I was never going to get it and then I heard back and I said yes. They actually gave me $12,000 to go.

“It’s a two year course, so in the second year it will be a lot easier to fund it as there are a lot more opportunities for scholarships.”

If successful in securing funding, Michael will set out in September to begin his course. His work has already proved successful in Scotland where most his paintings are showcased in the Royal Scottish Academy. Michael added: “The kind of artwork I do is traditional with a modernistic inflexion. So it will be traditional portraits with a bit of jazz to it. New York is the best place to learn about representational painting as they have famous visiting artists which is why I’d like to go there.”

You can donate at: www.gofundme.com/michael039s-masters-at-nyaa.